Good to know! For family and kids…

The cairn of Petit Mont offers many activities such as workshops, and animations in order to discover the Prehistory area with different eyes.

During the Bank holidays, every Wednesdays and Sundays, you can participate at our different workshops, and learn about the prehistoric era while making several types of potteries, such as bowls, whistles and ornaments, creations that you will be bringing back home!

  • Pottery workshop

What were the daily objects used during the Neolithic area?

Through this workshop, you will better understand the daily life of our remote ancestors by discovering the techniques of pottery making.

This workshop last between 1 hour/1h30 and is limited to 15 persons.

Minimum age: 6 years old.

  • Music

When was the music invented? This workshop aims to make you learn about the very first music instruments used by the first men during the prehistoric area. You will be creating your own whistle using some clay, based on models of globular whistles found in Malta from the Neolithic age.

  • Ornaments

How the men and women of the Neolithic age were dressed? Did they wear jewelleries?

This workshop gives you the opportunity to make an ornament, such as the one worn by our ancestors during all the prehistoric age.

You will be discovering all the techniques in order to make a necklace, using some stones and shells. Moreover, you will learn how to make some string out of vegetal fibres.

  • The archaeological objects

What were the tools used during the “polished “stone age? You will be able to touch and see facsimile archaeological tools found on sites such as: polished axes, ceremonial axes, adzes, hammers, as well as typical objects from the Neolithic such as ceramics.

  • Workshop excavation

Petit Mont has an exceptional richness of history. In order to well understand the different aspects, this workshop invites the participants to discover this incredible story.

A trey is dedicated to the prehistoric age, and an other one to the Antique age.

By excavating, according to the techniques and using the materials of a real archaeologist. You will learn more about this fascinating profession.

The workshops are chargeable in addition of the price’s entrance. (free entrance for children under 10).

It is best to book your activity well in advanced. In order to do so, please do contact us: +33 2 97 53 74 03

  • Fun and family visit

Beside the bank holidays, every Wednesdays and Sundays, visits dedicated to families with children are being organised.

With your family, you can discover the site all together by answering some questions and riddles. During this visit, the guide may show you facsimile archaeological objects such as: polished axes, ceremonial axes, adzes, dolerite blocs…

A visit where you’ll see with your hands and touch with your eyes.

These visits are also possible every day during the bank holidays.

  • Every Month: A special event!

Prehistoric meeting, outdoors workshops, tales, heritage European days, National day of archaeology. Every month, an event where children and adult will spend some good time.