Arzon – Port du Crouesty

The cairn of Petit Mont is a megalithic monument, used at different key periods in prehistory and history.
It is located in Arzon, close to the port of Crouesty, in a green setting.

What a story!

Perched at the end of the Rhuys peninsula (in Arzon) in an exceptional natural area, a stone’s throw from the port of Crouesty and the Fogeo beach, the Petit Mont megalithic site dominates the ocean and the Gulf of Morbihan.

This imposing monument, over 6000 years old, can be visited like a storybook… The Petit Mont cairn is a megalithic architecture, but not only!

Discovering the Petit Mont cairn is to understand our history from the earliest times, as the site was used by Neolithic man, then during the Gallo-Roman period, and finally during the Second World War as a strategic place: a bunker was even built there in 1943!
The Petit Mont cairn reveals its history by offering a unique panorama of the ocean and the Gulf of Morbihan, in a remarkable natural area that harmoniously combines nature and culture.
Guided tours, workshops and activities are scheduled throughout the year (depending on the opening periods of the site) to help you discover prehistory and this exceptional place, in a fun and educational way!


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    Depending on the time of year, you can embark from different ports to visit this cairn located on the island of Gavrinis.

    Departures are proposed from :

    • Larmor-Baden
    • Port-Navalo
    • Locmariaquer
    • Vannes
    • Ile-aux-Moines/Port-Blanc Baden

    Cairn de Petit Mont